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Photo credit: Albert Zablit

Photo: Albert Zablit

Hi! I’m André Léger,

I’m a 3D animator and video editor looking for work in Montréal. I’m from a small acadian town called Saint-Antoine in New-Brunswick. I spent my childhood waiting after my father’s Commodore 64 to load my favorite games and playing the piano with drumsticks. I’ve been into computers, games and music ever since.

I’m pursuing my dream to make a living by surrounding myself with creative people and to breathe life into characters and stories.

Nothing beats a good endorphin buzz after a satisfying day’s work or when I accidentally discover a new feature/technique to add to my tools that gets the job done.


I took an animation masterclass with Pixar's Senior Animator Michal Makarewicz!

I took an animation masterclass with Pixar’s Senior Animator Michal Makarewicz!



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